Hi and thanks for checking me out. I’m Manon Halliburton; a professional Natural Light Photographer and actress with over 20 years experience in the business. I believe a great portrait should possess three qualities: Represent a flattering image of you on your best day, Capture a unique quality of your personality and be engaging to look at. The first point is an obvious one, but too often these days photos are overly retouched or enhanced in some way and usually don’t end up capturing the “real” you. I love shooting in natural light, because it’s a clean honest light and when captured properly it’s one of the most flattering lights on all skin tones – and lastly, natural light makes you look like a real human being. A bit about my photographic style:

I shoot on location using the natural light that’s provided by mother nature. I have several indoor/outdoor locations that offer the best light but if you have a great suggestion I’m up for that as well. I do get inspired by each new location, so you will have a lot of different backgrounds, colors and textures. I also like to show the exposures throughout the shoot so you can see what your getting and if there is something else you want to capture. I love to laugh, so sometimes I can get quirky… Ultimately with me, what you see is what you get – beautiful, natural portraits that capture you in your best moments. 

At the end of the day, there are hundreds of photographers out there vying for your business and ultimately you have to go with your gut. Just remember when looking at a photographers work, not to get fooled by fancy borders, lighting tricks or photo shop madness.

The mark of a great photographer is how you look in the photo first and if you are the true focus and standout in the picture. If you feel comfortable talking with the person and of course like their work, you really can’t go wrong. Just remember to relax, have fun and be yourself…Lastly, no one is used to having their picture taken professionally unless they are a model, so don’t go into it with a preconceived notion of how it’s gonna turn out. A great photographer can capture a beautiful image if you are willing to just show up.